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Esfera Capital Gestión SGIIC is a management company of CII with a management commitment in technology and innovation. Our investment funds are specialized in sectors that will experience a huge transformation at present or in the following years. An excellent example of this are projects like Esfera Robotics FI, that focuses its investments on those companies that will play a key role in the approaching robotic revolution. We also manage other absolute return funds, mixed fixed return, fund of funds and funds managed with algorithmic trading tools.

The name of our management company, Esfera Capital Gestión, refers to the technological basis that shows the way we work. In addition to the 20 years of experience dealing with financial markets, we use investment models, which are not only based on our experience and ability. Our management includes the use of tools that have been developed by economists, mathematicians and computer engineers.

Esfera Capital Gestión offers other services such as the creation of funds and umbrella funds advised or with delegated management.

Esfera FI/Robotics

The target of Esfera FI / Robotics is to further the robotic revolution through the investment in companies that will carry it out and to reach an advantageous return for our investors.

The portfolio is diversified by sectors –industrial robotic, biotechnology, automotive industry, agriculture, software and artificial intelligence as well as electronic components- and by geographical zones that will support the robotization of their industry.

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Esfera FI/Team Trading

Esfera FI / Team Trading reachs the market with a completely innovative management model. Thanks our exclusive Team Trading technology we can offer you an investment model based on the most advanced investment technology.

Esfera FI / Team Trading invests in derivatives through automatic trading algorithms. The model for the risk calculation allows us to adjust the investment portfolio in order to obtain a huge competitive risk/benefit ratio.

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El Consejo de Administración, en su reunión celebrada el 23 de marzo de 2018, ha acordado por unanimidad, al amparo de lo dispuesto en el artículo 11bis de la Ley de Sociedades de Capital, modificar la página web corporativa de la Sociedad, que pasa a ser www.esferacapital.es, lo que se publica en esta página web a los efectos de lo dispuesto en el artículo 11.bis, apartado 3, de la Ley de Sociedades de Capital.

Fecha de publicación del anuncio: 23/03/2018